Long term relationships are relaxing to those who have spent a lifetime finding their own balance, but age often takes one partner away. The person who has been left behind might want companionship, and they are seldom willing to settle for just anyone. They are looking for fun in their life, so the person hoping to get to know them must consider this an important part of dating. For those who are not in a hurry to find another relationship, their dates might find the biggest test they will face is learning how to have a good sense of humor.

It is not always easy for those who have been in a long term relationship to be open to meeting new people, so taking it slow is a good way to begin. Asking a mature single person out for an evening might be nice, but asking them to do something fun and different is a better idea. They might associate dinner and a movie with their late spouse, and it can taint the evening. Going out for an afternoon might give them a different feeling, so it is worth a try.

It might appear that mature singles are too old to do many activities, but getting out of their comfort zone could help them make the adjustment to dating someone new. While extreme sports might not be quite the thing, an hour or two of kayaking down a tame river could be a great time for both of them. It might be something they always wanted to try, so asking them out for this fun activity could be a bonus.

There are many roadblocks when it comes to dating someone who has lost their partner, and it can take a bit of thinking to find the perfect date. Taking them on a mild adventure where fun is around every corner could be the ticket to happiness for the new couple.